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supporting women + men who are poised to make an earth-shattering contribution to their world, since 2005
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think Oprah Winfrey before she was Oprah or Steve Jobs before he was "The Apple Guy"
Sarah Morris McCauley | The Mission Specialist | LLC
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Sarah Morris McCauley, president | The Mission Specialist, LLC | Office Hours by Appointment Only | Glassworks Building | 815 W Market St, Suite 701 | Louisville, KY | 40202 | 502.905.1875 | cell |

  • There is street parking on both sides of the street in front of the Glassworks Building + it is FREE beginning at 6PM!
  • If these spots are taken, the 1st lot past the building at the near corner of Market + 8th is a flat $5.
  • The lot at the far corner of Market + 8th is also a flat $5.
  • Both lots are on your left as you are driving down Market.
  • I can't imagine a scenario where both of these lots are full, but if the impossible happens, there is a parking garage attached to the Bat Museum on 8th St between Market + Main. You will pay $5.75 max.